Johnny Apple Vapes

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Frenchman Delight

Freshly baked sweet bread coupled with the aromatic and pungent tastes of cinnamon and sugar. The end result is that of a fluffy french toast that is then topped with a slab of butter and drenched with a light maple syrup.

Apple Bread Pudding 

Red delicious apples are hand picked by Johnny himself. Each sliced is then combined with cinnamon and brown sugar to create a delightful caramelised texture. The apple is then baked seamlessly into a loaf of sweet bread and smothered with a generous amount of condensed milk.

Southern Bread Pudding

Cubes of bread are soak in vanilla custard made up of cinnamon and brown sugar then baked until its soft centre and golden crust are apparent. Each slice taken from the loaf is then drizzled with a hearty, yet healthy amount of condense milk.
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